Ellrod Weather Consulting (EWxC), LLC

Ellrod Weather Consulting (EWxC), LLC

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Worked as a consultant to WxOps, Inc on a NASA SBIR project entitled: “Trensported Turbulence During Climb, Cruise, and Descent.” Paper was presented at the AMS Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Conference in Seattle, WA in January 2017.

Attended the 40th National Weather Association Meeting in Oklahoma City from 19-22 October 2015.  Presented a poster on the “Prediction of Summer Stratus in San Francisco Bay Aided by Low-Level HYSPLIT Trajectories.”

A poster on the “Use of the NOAA ARL HYSPLIT Trajectory Model for the Short Range Prediction of Coastal Stratus and Fog” was presented at the 17th Aviation, Range and Aerospace Meteorology (ARAM) Conference in Phoenix, AZ on 7-8 Jan 2015  Click for: AMS poster Extended abstract).

Presented poster on Pacific Coast fog at the AMS Annual Meeting in Austin, TX, Jan 2013, and two posters at the NWA Annual Meeting in Madison, WI, Oct 2012:

Pacific Coast Fog Project (with A. Torregrosa, C. Combs, I. Gultepe) (AMS and NWA)

Lightning Forecasts Using WRF-RAP Model Data (with B. Lynn) (NWA)

Evaluation of state of the art turbulence diagnostics at the Aviation Weather Center (Sponsored by COMET). Completed June 2012.

Revised chapter on clear air turbulence for the 2nd Edition of Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Science, published by Elsevier, Inc (2016).

Completed AMS short course on "The Art and Science of Forensic Meteorology" (Jan, 2012)

 Consultant in the Pacific Coast Fog Climatology Project (2011-13)

Editor, National Weather Digest (2008-2010)

Banded Heavy Snow Event in western Connecticut, presented

at Tri-State Weather Conference, Danbury, CT, April 2009

Managed web site for NWA Remote Sensing Committee (1995 - 2017)

Tutorial on volcanic ash detection using remote sensing techniques.

Completed review article on “Applications of Geostationary Satellite Data to Aviation” for Pure and Applied Geophysics. See Publications page.